Automatic Double Side Sticker Labelling Machine For Accurate Front And Back Side Label Placement

Accurate Front And Back Labelling Machine

The automatic double side sticker labelling machine is the ultimate solution for your front and back side labelling on bottles, containers, and jars. With advanced technology and precise controls, this automatic front and back bottle label applicator ensures precise label placement and excellent label adherence.

Double Side Labeler For Bottles, Containers, And Jars

Maharshi’s double side labeler offers simultaneous sticker labelling on any shape and size of bottles, containers, and jars providing unmatched versatility. This automatic front and back labelling machine can be equipped with digital servo technology for the highest level of accuracy in label placement, ensuring flawless results every time.

Increased Productivity With Double Side Label Applicator

Designed for efficiency, the label applicator for both sides streamlines your labelling operations. The automatic double side sticker labeler features a unique spring-loaded twin worm system that virtually eliminates the need for tools, making it a tool-less operation. The label height can be easily set using the jack mechanism, which also eliminates the need for additional tools.
For registered and fixed label positioning, our labelling machine with notch orientation system provides a highly unique solution. The round bottle attachment allows the bottle labelling machine for both sides to perform flat as well as round labelling.

High-Speed Double Side Labeler

High-speed double side label applicator offers label dispensing speed up to 100,200,300 containers/minute. (Depending on the length of the labels.)
Front and back labelling machine offers synchronization with a single touch to conveniently increase or decrease the speed of the conveyor, and label dispensing, simplifying the operation process.

3 Axis Label Dispenser For Precise Label Placement

The front and back labeler comes with 3 Axis label dispenser flexibility that can apply labels at any angle, perfectly accommodating any shape and size of bottles, jars, and containers. Whether it’s flat or curved surfaces, this flexibility guarantees consistent and accurate label placement.

Easy Product Handling With Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine

Enhance your product handling capabilities with our double side label dispenser’s optional belt orientation system which seamlessly handle multiple products without the hassle of changing any parts thus reducing downtime.

Double Side Labelling Machine For Multiple Industries

Our industrial label applicator for both sides finds diverse applications across industries for accurate label placement and streamlined operations.

  • Labelling Solutions For Food And Beverage Packaging

    Double side label dispenser that streamlines the labelling process for food and beverage packaging encompassing bottles, jars, cans, and other food packaging containers.
  • Lubricants And Agrochemicals Container Labelling

    Double side label applicator, well-suited for the lubricants oil bottle labelling, toiletries products and agrochemicals container labelling.
  • Pharma And Cosmetics Labelling Solution

    Automatic front and back label applicator for pharma and cosmetics bottles, jars, containers, and tubes.
  • Personal Care Product Label Applicator

    Automatic bottle label applicator for personal care products.

  • Optimize your labelling process with our high-quality, efficient versatile double side labeler today.


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