High-Speed Top And Bottom Labelling Machine: Streamline Your Packaging Process

High-Speed Horizontal Top And Bottom Labelling Machine

Introducing the cutting-edge FIXONAME HLC top and bottom labeler, your ultimate solution for high–speed top and bottom labelling applications on various bottles, jars, cartons, boxes, containers. Our top and bottom side labelling machine excels in simultaneously labelling both the top and bottom surfaces of containers, optimizing your labelling process.
This state-of-the-art labelling machine boasts exceptional performance, ensuring a speedy output of up to 150 CPM (subject to operator efficiency and feeding arrangements). For precision label application, our automatic labelling machine can be equipped with digital servo technology.

Seamless Label Application with Our Top And Bottom Labeler

Our top and bottom labeler for round and flat containers comes with an innovative design which eliminates the need for change parts when labelling different containers, cartons, or boxes.
This label application system allows for labelling multiple products without the need for changeovers, significantly reducing downtime. Streamlined your packaging process with top and bottom label application.

High Speed Labelling Machine For Containers And Cartons

Explore our high-speed labelling solutions for top and bottom labelling, operating at an impressive speed of 150 containers, cartons, or boxes per minute (depends on label length).

Label Applicator With Tool-Less Operation

Our versatile top and bottom label applicator features tool-less adjustments for label height using a convenient jack mechanism. This user-friendly approach ensures effortless and precise label placement.

Enhanced Product Handling

In addition to the standard feed screw system, our label application machine for top and bottom labelling can be equipped with a belt orientation system for handling multiple products without changing any part.

Product Presentation with Precise Labelling

Optimize product presentation with our high-speed top and bottom labelling machines, allowing precise labelling at specific positions. Elevate your packaging efficiency with accurate and targeted label application with our precise top and bottom label placement equipment.

Streamlined Operations With One-Touch Speed Synchronization

Our automatic top and bottom sticker labelling machine is synchronized with one-touch speed control, enabling seamless adjustments to the conveyor and label dispensing speeds, enhancing ease of use and productivity.

Enhance Your Product Packaging Efficiency

Our high-speed top and bottom label applicator machine is meticulously designed to elevate your product packaging efficiency and accuracy. Whether you need precise top labelling, bottom labelling, or both, our advanced machine streamlines your packaging process with seamless top and bottom label application.

Explore our efficient top and bottom labelling solutions for your packaging needs and achieve precision top and bottom label placement.


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