High-Speed Ampoule/Vial Labelling Machine

Ampoule/ Vial Labeller – VSC HS A/V

Introducing the VSC HS A/V, a state-of-the-art high-speed vial labelling machine specially designed to apply labels on ampoules and vials. This automatic ampoule/ vial label applicator is equipped with advanced digital servo technology, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy even at high operating speeds.

Versatility With VSC HS A/V Labelling Machine

Experience smooth and jerk-less operation with the specially designed VSC HS A/V ampoule/vial labelling machine, significantly reducing the risk of breakage. Its adaptable design allows for the easy accommodation of various vial and ampoule sizes using change parts.

High-Speed Labelling Of Ampoules/Vials

Operating at speeds of 200, 300, 400 ampoules/vials per minute (based on label length), our vial labelling machine optimizes productivity without compromising on precision.

User-Friendly Tool-Less Operation

Enjoy hassle-free adjustments with our jack mechanism, making the VSC HS A/V label applicator virtually tool-less and extremely user-friendly.

Precision Labelling With VSC HS A/V

Our high-speed pharmaceutical label applicator comes with star wheel along with wrap around assembly for precise labelling with no skew up and skew down at highest speeds.

One-Touch Speed Synchronization

Control the entire labelling process with our one-touch speed synchronization. Easily adjust the label applicator and other components to match your specific production needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

Safety And Compliance First

Safety is paramount in pharmaceutical packaging. The VSC HS A/V is equipped with a safety cabinet, featuring an acrylic cover, and imported aluminium profile with interlocking. In case of door opening, the machine will automatically stop, ensuring a safe work environment.

Automation Options

Optimize your labelling process with optional automation features such as an Industrial PC with in-house developed software with 21 CFR PART 11 compliance, SCADA system with graphical integration, thermal inkjet printer for variable data, and camera systems for online defect detection and an online rejection system.

Compact Design For Space Efficiency

Optimize your pharmaceutical production line with the VSC HS A/V, a high-speed ampoule and vial labelling machine designed for space efficiency. This label applicator boasts a compact footprint, making it a space-efficient addition to your production line.


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