Spot Wrap Around Labelling Machine For Precise Label Placement With 100% Label Wraparound

Spot Wrap Around Labelling Machine For Round Bottles

Our high-speed spot wrap around labelling machine is designed for full and partial wrap around labelling on bottles, containers, and jars of different sizes and shapes. The machine ensures precise label placement with no skew up or skew down, providing 100% label wraparound around the bottle, container, and jar circumference, thanks to its rotary star wheel or spot wrap around assembly.

Advanced Digital Servo Technology For High-Speed Labelling

Equipped with advanced digital servo technology and precise controls, our spot wrap around labeller enables high-speed labelling, allowing you to handle large volumes of products seamlessly. Hence providing efficient and accurate labelling.

Change Parts For Improved Adaptability

Our state-of-the-art labelling machine comes with easy-to-change Star wheel components, allowing seamless adjustments to accommodate different bottle diameters.

Increased Productivity

Setting the label height is made easy with the jack mechanism, which eliminates the need for tools. This tool-less operation feature ensures convenience and simplicity during operation, saving time and effort. Our label applicator offers synchronization with a single touch to conveniently increase or decrease the speed of the conveyor, star wheel, and label dispensing, simplifying the operation process.

High-Speed Label Application

Our high-speed wrap around labelling machine operates at a speed range of 30, 100, 200, 300 bottles, containers, and jars per minute. (Depending on the length of the labels.)

Precise Labelling with Star Wheel Or Spot Wrap Around Assembly

Achieve precise and accurate labelling without any skew with our automatic label applicator equipped with a star wheel or spot wrap around assembly, ensuring flawless label placement tailored to your product's packaging.

Applications Across Industries

Discover the applications of our high-speed labelling machine, designed to cater to a diverse range of industries and applications. With precision and versatility at its core, our spot wrap-around labelling machine is a perfect fit for various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics, agrochemicals, distilleries, breweries, lubricants, and more.
Our labelling machine is engineered to deliver optimal performance across various packaging types, including bottles, containers, jars, and more. No matter what your labelling needs are, our top-of-the-line solution guarantees unmatched efficiency and reliability.
Upgrade your labelling process today with our state-of-the-art labelling machine and revolutionize the way you package your products. Embrace the future of labelling technology with us.


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