Security Seal Tamper Evident Labelling Machine For Tamper Evident Labels

Security Seal Tamper Evident Label Application

Our automatic security seal label applicator for tamper evident labels is designed to apply security seal labels to mono cartons efficiently and securely using tamper-proof label application technology. Whether it’s a single side or double side label application, our tamper evident label applicator can handle various shapes and sizes of cartons with ease.
Our tamper evident seal applicator incorporates two independent label dispensers, enabling you to apply different label sizes on each side, ensuring a perfect fit for every carton. Embrace the versatility of our carton security label applicator that accommodates various carton shapes and bottles with ease.

High-Speed Tamper Evident Labeler Machine

Maharshi’s high-speed tamper evident label applicator can handle carton labelling at speeds of up to 100, 200, or 300 cartons per minute. (Depending on the length of the labels.) The one-touch speed synchronization feature simplifies operation, ensuring optimal performance with ease and precision.
Equipped with digital servo technology, our tamper evident label applicator ensures precise label placement. This feature guarantees consistent labelling results for every carton, ensuring your products remain secure and tamper-proof.

Tool-Less Operation With Security Seal Labelling Machine

Our security seal tamper evident labelling machine features a user-friendly jack mechanism, making it virtually tool-less and easy to operate. Save time and effort during setup and maintenance, enabling you to streamline your production process.

Carton Safety Assurance

Your cartons’ safety is paramount, and our automatic labeler for security seals ensures just that. Thanks to the belt orientation system, our tamper evident carton labelling machine ensures the utmost safety for cartons, preventing damage even in the event of toppling.

3-Axis Label Dispenser For Flexible Label Application

Our 3-axis label dispenser allows you to apply labels at any degree, accommodating various shapes of cartons with ease. Embrace the flexibility of our tamper evident labeler.

Seamless Product Handling With Tamper Evident Labeler

With the integrated belt orientation system, our tamper evident labeler enables smooth multi- product handling without the need for change parts, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime during product changeovers.

Label Presence/Absence Detection

Enhance quality control with the option for online presence and absence detection of seal labels during the tamper evident label application process. The integrated rejection system ensures seamless label reconciliation.

Track & Trace Integration For Serialization And Traceability Compliance

Easily integrate our security seal labelling machine with track & trace systems, ensuring serialization and traceability compliance, and meeting industry regulations and standards.

Compact And Space-Saving Design

Our security seal label applicator’s modular design, coupled with its compact conveyor length of 1.4 meters/2.5 meters, optimizes floor space, making it a perfect fit for your production line, regardless of space constraints.

Smooth Integration With Auto Cartoner

Designed with a special side belt conveyor, our tamper evident label applicator allows for easy and speedy carton transfer from an auto cartoner without jamming or damage, ensuring seamless production flow.

Safety At The Forefront Of Operations

Our machine is equipped with a safety cabinet featuring an acrylic cover and Imported aluminium profile with Interlocking. In the event of the cabinet door opening, the machine will automatically stop, prioritizing the safety of your operators.


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