Tube Labelling Machine

Achieve Accurate Tube Label Placement With Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Our tube labelling machine incorporates cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrating into your production line to handle various tube sizes and shapes effortlessly.
This advanced labeller features a clockwise rotating indexing wheel with 12 Spindle Mandrels, ensuring precise and efficient labelling for your tubes.

Seamless Operation With High-Speed Tube Labelling Solutions

With a remarkable speed of up to 60 tubes per minute (depending upon the label length / product size), our automatic tube labelling Machine excels in boosting productivity without compromising accuracy.
The integration of a tube loading hopper with an automatic pneumatic feeding arrangement allows for swift and efficient loading and unloading, facilitated by an air jet mechanism. Supported by necessary accessories, this dynamic setup guarantees a seamless and hassle- free labelling process.

Precise Labelling With Automatic Tube Label Applicator

Our tube labelling solution can be incorporated with an orientation system, ensuring precise labelling aligned to specific orientations through its servo turret mechanism. Equipped with advanced technology, our automatic tube labelling machine features a microprocessor- controlled servo label dispenser.
This cutting-edge dispenser guarantees precise and consistent label placement, mitigating the risk of misaligned or skewed labels. The result is an impeccable labelling solution that elevates your product presentation and reinforces brand credibility.

Durable Tube Labeller

Mounted on base frame, our tube labeller is enclosed in S.S. 304 sheet with a dull matt finish, making it not only sturdy and robust but also aesthetically pleasing. This blend of durability and aesthetics ensures the equipment remains in top-notch condition, withstanding the rigors of heavy usage while adding a touch of sophistication to your packaging line.

Versatile Label Application

The automatic tube labelling machine accommodates label widths (vertical height) of up to 150 mm, making it versatile enough to cater to various packaging needs. Whether you’re working with different tube sizes or labelling specifications, our machine is equipped to handle diverse requirements, ensuring adaptability and flexibility in your operations.

Labelling Solution Across Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, And Personal Care Industries

Elevate your packaging process today with our advanced tube labelling machine, designed to cater specifically to cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries, offering unmatched precision and efficiency in label placement on lipstick tubes, pharmaceutical creams, and personal care containers.
Experience impeccable labelling on lipstick tubes, cream jars, mascara containers, and skincare tubes through our tube labelling machines.


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