Print And Apply Label Applicator – Streamline Your Packaging Process

Print And Apply Label System For Efficient Labelling

Boost your packaging efficiency with our print and apply label applicator machine. Experience accurate and fast case labelling, carton labelling, barcode labelling, and shipping labelling for diverse industries. Our stand-alone print and apply label applicator ensures unmatched reliability, offering high-speed printing capabilities, precise label applicator, and user-friendly controls for streamlined operations.

Precise Label Placement For Professional Packaging

Equipped with sophisticated product and label sensors, our print and apply label system ensures precise label placement on your products with consistent alignment and spacing, resulting in professional and visually appealing packaging.

Versatile Label Compatibility And Impressive Operating Speed

The label applicator accommodates labels with a maximum width of 100mm, making it suitable for various product dimensions. The label roll holder with a diameter of 400mm provides ample label supply, enabling extended production periods.
With an impressive operating speed of 15-20 labels per minute (Depending on the length of the labels.), you can achieve efficient labelling without compromising on quality.

Advanced Features Of Our Print And Apply Machine

Our print and apply machine features precise label placement in a vertical orientation. The machine utilizes thermal transfer ribbon technology, resulting in clear and sharp printing with a high resolution of 300 dpi.
The operating panel, equipped with PLC and HMI, provides user-friendly controls for easy operation, making it simple for your operators to manage and monitor the labelling process.

Effortless Reloading For Enhanced Productivity

With our print and apply machine’s simple media path, operators can reload label rolls and ribbon rolls effortlessly, reducing downtime and optimizing production efficiency, ensures seamless label application.

Secure And Residue-Free Label Application

Machine comes with non-sticky vacuum pad so that labels can be securely applied to various surfaces without leaving any residue, ensuring a clean and accurate label application.

Unique Roll Holding System For Stable Label Feeding

Our print and apply labelling machine features a unique roll holding system equipped with a shoe breaking mechanism ensuring precise and stable label feeding during the printing and application process.

Customization And Real-Time Data Integration

With our print and apply label applicator, you have the flexibility to customize labels with unique designs, product information, barcodes, and logos. Moreover, real-time data integration ensures that the latest product information and prices are accurately reflected on the labels, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in your labelling process.

Seamless Labelling Across Various Industries

Experience seamless case labelling, shipping labelling, barcode labelling, and carton labelling with our advanced print and apply machine. Streamline your packaging process, improve accuracy, and enhance brand visibility with our reliable and efficient labelling solution.
Whether you deal with small cases or large cartons, our print and apply machine offers precise and efficient labelling, tailored to your specific requirements.


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