Electronic Liquid Filling Machine With Flow Meters Or Servo Gear Pumps


Electronic Liquid Filling Machine

Maharshi’s electronic liquid filling machine comes with PLC Controlled Filling, designed to provide accurate and precise filling of liquids. This multi-functional machine, equipped with flow meters for consistent volume control, meets GMP requirements of filling for PET/HDPE bottles and glass containers.

Automatic Flow Meter Based Liquid Filling

Our electronic liquid filling machine utilizes industry-standard flow meters, ensuring a high level of accuracy. The flow of liquid is measured and converted into electronic signals, controlled by a micro-processor-based circuit. With a user-friendly touch screen HMI, you can easily manage all functions and store pre-set recipes for different ranges.

Accurate Filling with Flow Meters Or Servo Gear Pumps

The flowmeter utilizes positive displacement flow sensors to measure the liquid flow using geared flow meters or electromagnetic flow meters or mass flow meters or servo gear pumps for the different kind of liquids. The machine comes with its own pumping system which can be easily connected to the main tank.

Adjustable Filling Capacities For Various Container Sizes

Easily adjust the filling capacities from 30ml to 1 litre for smaller containers, and from 2 Liters to 5 Litres for larger containers. Our machines require minimal adjustments, enabling efficient and seamless transitions between different container sizes.

Customizable Multi-Head Electronic Liquid Filling Machine

Depending on the speed requirements, we offer customizable multi-head liquid filling machines, ranging from 2 to 12 heads. Our liquid filling machine features robust nozzles, made of SS 316, and operates pneumatically, ensuring smooth movement in and out of bottles. This enhances the efficiency and productivity.

High-Speed Liquid Filling with Moving Head Design

Our electronic liquid filling machine can achieve speeds ranging from 20 BPM to 150 BPM, depending on the number of heads and liquid properties. For higher speeds, we provide a specially designed moving head system. This innovative solution keeps the bottles in constant motion, allowing the filling heads to adjust seamlessly and precisely with their movement.

The filling heads movement is powered by a servo motor, offering the highest level of precision and smoothness. The bottles’ positive and accurate movement is facilitated by a long feed screw, while the conveyor and nozzles are perfectly synchronized and controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive.

Ideal For Various Industries

The electronic liquid filling machine from Maharshi serves a variety of sectors and provides efficient filling options for bottles, containers, and jars of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for variety of industries, such as Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, Agrochemicals and Cleaning Solutions, Lubricants, and more.


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