Automatic Cartoning Machine For High–Speed Carton Packing

Automatic Carton Packing Machine – Streamline Your Packaging Process

The automatic cartoning machine is a marvel of automation, capable of handling a wide range of products, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, personal care products and more. Our mono carton packing machine can handle a wide range of products, whether you’re packaging bottles, vials, blisters, tubes, or soaps, our automatic cartonator machine for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products can effortlessly accommodate your needs.

High-Speed Cartoning Machine

One of the standout features of the automatic cartoning machine is its impressive speed. With the ability to pack up to 100 cartons per minute, our high-speed cartoning machine significantly boosts your production rates while maintaining a high level of precision.

Customizable Carton Packing Machine

Flexibility is essential in modern manufacturing, which is why our cartoning machine accommodates carton lengths ranging from 65mm to 180mm, widths from 20mm to 75mm, and heights from 14mm to 65mm. This adaptability ensures that your specific packaging needs are met with precision.

Advanced Features Of Our Cartoner Machine

  • Automatic carton erection – Streamlines the process and minimizes downtime by utilizing a rotary pick-up arm with a vacuum system.
  • No product, No leaflet, No carton – The machine's intelligent system ensures that packaging only occurs when all necessary components are in place, eliminating errors and wastage.
  • No carton product bypass – Keeping your packaging line running smoothly.
  • Designed for both reverse and straight cartons – handles both reverse and straight cartons, providing versatility for your packaging needs.
  • Empty carton ejected.

Seamless Integration For Optimal Carton Packaging Operations

Achieve operational synergy by seamlessly connecting our automatic carton packaging machine with upstream and downstream machines, creating a fully synchronized production line. Benefit from automatic leaflet insertion into cartons, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Explore online coding options with CIJ/TIJ printers for precise product information.
Our automatic cartoning machine is equipped with inbuilt check devices to ensure every carton is flawlessly sealed and labelled, meeting the highest industry standards.

Enhance Efficiency With Optional Features For Your Cartoning Machine

To cater to your specific needs, our cartoning packaging machine offers a range of optional features, including hot melt adhesive carton closing for enhanced security, tubular cover options in aluminium or SS 304, upgrade to auto-feeding of bottles, blisters, tubes, and more for comprehensive packaging and flameproof construction for sensitive environments.
Enhance your carton packaging operations and elevate your production capabilities with our automatic cartonator packing machine.


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