Shrink Wrapper & Collating Bundling Machine

Shrink Wrapper & Collating Bundling Machine

Shrink wrapper with Inline infeed on Multiple lanes, designed for handling all product types that can be accumulated (i.e. bottles, cans, cartons) from all industry sectors. Our complete customer friendly packaging equipment in the shrink wrap packaging field offers flexible models suitable for products of different sizes guaranteeing high efficiency in the packaging process. Our industrial packaging machines offers high quality packages both in sealing strength and shrinking processes to safeguard your products during transports.


Automatic collating and shrink wrapping machine is suitable to different matrix and shrink wrapping of your shipper box/pack size. Machine speed is 5-15 packs / minute depending on the matrix/pack size.

Machine is with touch screen HMI & PLC for system controls

The machine mainly consists of 4 section

  • Conveyor with optional multiple lanes
  • Loading platform ( matrix forming platform ) with pneumatic pusher
  • Film wrapping & sealing station to wrap and seal multipack

Products are coming from upstream and are distributed on multilanes either by accumulation or using a lane divider (optional).

Here the products accumulate in each channel/lane until coverage of the queue Photo sensor (all lanes full). This opens the infeed stopper which controls the number of products entering the grouping area. The number of products released will be according to the desired collation patterns. This could be on single or twin track operations.

Once the groups of products are on the grouping area, motorized flight bars will advance the groups through a film feeding area where film feeding and cutting units prepare to feed and cut the film according to preset film length. The groups are then moved to overlap area and wrapped around which forms a sleeve under the packs.

The wrapped groups of packages enter the shrink tunnel chamber where recirculated hot air causes the plastic film to shrink, conforming to the contours of the contents, however leaving an opening at either end of the pack, often referred to as “Bulls Eye”.

Once the pack is out of the hot chamber, forced air cooling is used to tighten the wrap to allow further handling or conveying to secondarypackaging equipment.

Shrink Wrapper & Collating Bundling Machine
Shrink Wrapper & Collating Bundling Machine

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