Linear Capping Machine

Linear Capping Machine

Maharshi automatic linear inline capping machine is suitable to automatically tighten pre threaded caps. The machine is special design with no changepart system with the change in cap diameter and bottle diameter.

The machine is with special design gripping belt to grip the bottles synchronised with the stainless steel conveyor belt and can be varied with the help of VFD . Cap is tightened with the help of series of rollers (3-4 rollers in pairs) .

Bottles picks the cap from the cap delivery chute & with the help of synchronised bottle gripping belt and series of rollers the cap is precisely screwed (tightened)with desired speeds.

Inline capper can go upto speeds of 100bpm depending on shape and size of bottles and caps. It takes care of speeds along with consistency.

Linear capping machine is built with stainless steel 304 frame structure.

Machine can be opted with Automatic cap feeder at desired speeds. ( vibratory cap feeder or waterfall elevator or mechanical orientor )

Linear Capping Machine
Linear Capping Machine

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