Tablet Capsule Counting And Filling Machine

High-Precision Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting And Filling Machine

Our automatic tablet capsule counting and filling machine is fully electronic channel counter, meticulously designed to flawlessly count and fill tablets, capsules, and soft gels into bottles, at high speeds.
Designed for accuracy, speed, and efficiency, our automatic tablet counting and filling machine ensures seamless tablet capsule counting and precise filling.

Effortless Tablet/capsule Handling

Experience seamless automation – simply load your tablets/capsules into the overhead hopper, tablets/capsules are automatically channelled through a series of vibratory tracks – available in 12 or 24 tracks – each meticulously equipped with vibrators. This ingenious setup guides tablets/capsules into a single lane on each track, streamlining the process for unparalleled precision.

Accurate Tablet/Capsule Counting For All Shapes And Sizes

Achieve 100% tablet/capsule counting accuracy and seamless filling for a wide range of standard and non-standard shapes, sizes, and types of tablets, capsules, caplets, and soft gels using advanced sensor technology and strategically positioned gate mechanisms.
As tablets/capsules flow through the tracks, our sensors detect and calculate each individual tablet/capsule with remarkable accuracy. The pneumatically operated funnel directs the accurate tablet/capsule count into the bottles, ensuring precise tablet/capsule filling for each bottle.

High-Speed Tablet/Capsule Filling

Whether you need a tablet counting machine, capsule filling machine, or both, our solutions cater to your specific needs. Our high-speed tablet filling machine can count and fill up to 82,998 tablets or capsules, reaching speeds of 30 to 120 bottles per minute. for a 60-count. (Depending on Tablet / Bottle size & filling counts)

Customizable Tablet/Capsule Filling Machine For Diverse Production Needs

Tailoring to your production requirements, our tablet filling machine offers customizable fill heads, ranging from 1, 2, and 4 heads. This adaptability allows you to optimize production speeds according to your preferences. Furthermore, our PLC programmed counter, combined with advanced sensors, ensures a 100% accurate tablet count.

Seamless Operations With Automated Tablet/Capsule Filling Systems

Our automatic tablet counting and filling machine features a perforated track and hopper with vacuum technology for efficient dust extraction, ensuring a clean and safe production environment.
For quality assurance, our machine can be equipped with cutting-edge camera inspection technology that seamlessly integrates onto the tracks, identifying broken or discoloured tablets, guaranteeing impeccable end products.

Proactive Alarm System For Seamless Tablet/Capsule Packaging

Stay ahead of potential issues with our alarm system. It alerts you to sensor blockages, low air pressure, and in-feed/out-feed jamming, effectively preventing interruptions, and ensuring seamless operations throughout the packaging process.

Advanced Tablet/Capsule Counting Solutions For Pharmaceutical Packaging

Discover our Advanced tablet/capsule counting solution tailored for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Our tablet/capsule filler is capable of handling various bottle shapes and sizes. Our tablet/capsule counting machine has pneumatic gates equipped with sensors for precise control. Seamlessly control operations through the touch screen HMI console. Elevate your production process with Maharshi's high-speed tablet capsule counting and filling machine.


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