Powder Auger Filling Machine

Powder Auger Filling Machine

Automatic Auger filling Machine is specially designed for Granules and Powder both filling in single machine with an impressive output of 4 to 25 bottles / minute of 30 grams to 1 kg Fill Size on single head.

Auger Fillers dispenses a single product from a hopper with multiple, separate and independently controlled augers / funnels and is ideally suited for most of the powders.

Our system’s unique and cost-effective design allows users to easily address various changes in settings of packaging height, diameter, or shape through the use of interchangeable plastic container adapters.

Funnels, adapters and other change parts are all semi-tool quick disconnect, which dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of product changeover and cleaning operations.

Servo motor system that provides superior fill accuracy of +- 1% and substantially improves reliability through the elimination some mechanical parts such as clutch/brakes, encoders, drive belts, and pulleys which are used in most competitive products.

Machine comes with configuration of 1/2/4 heads depending on the speed requirements.


The incoming dry bottle sterilized is fed through the in feed Turn Table with suitably guided on the moving Derlin / SS flat conveyor belt at the required speed for feeding. Filling head mounted on machine top plate in the same line.

When bottle reaches to the filling station, it will be held by the pneumatic bottle holder. Immediately it will be sensed by the bottle sensor as soon as it gets signals from sensor , Servo starts and Fills the powder at desired Volume.

After filling the bottles will than move to next station.

Powder Auger Filling Machine
Powder Auger Filling Machine

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