Bottle Unscrambler Machine

Bottle Unscrambler Machine

Maharshi Fully Automatic bottle unscrambler is designed to Feed the bottles automatically from hopper , elevator onto the production conveyor in upright position at speeds of up to 250BPM depending on the container size and shape. The entire machine’s system control are operated with the help of touch screen HMI and PLC. The machine comes with the system of fallen bottle going back to the hopper automatically. Machine comes with the storage capacity of 2500 bottles approx depending on shape and size. Maharshi bottle unscrambler is suitable for PET/HDPE bottles.

Construction : Complete covering with Physical and Electric safety.S.S. covering with Doors for easy adjustment. Noise and dust resistant design. Heavy-duty and vibration free body.

Outlet Conveyor : Size of conveyor is as per customer requirement and space available at customer site.

Unload the product in hopper.

Bottle loader will take the product into rotating disc.

Erection device will erect the product & deliver the up right position to the exit conveyor

Robust and vibration free construction.

High Speed and fully Automated.

Low noise level at higher speed.

Arrangement for ionized air cleaning can be provided.( Optional )

Optional PLC & Touch Screen HMI can be provided with recipe management.

Bottle Unscrambler Machine
Bottle Unscrambler Machine

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